Q-Tip 9/4/18

Happy Beginning of September my friends, Today’s message is about not giving up.Too many times we let things get us down for one reason or another. It is so easy to just be ready to throw in the towel and accept defeat. We  should be and I believe we all have that inner power, resilience and drive to pick up where we are at and think of life as a journey to bigger and better things always. PERSISTENCE “We [...]

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Q-Tip 8/27/18

Happy Monday my friends, Did you just ever have one of those days or even weeks, where everything you try to do seems to go badly. Kind of makes you feel like you let someone down or even yourself. I am sure all of you have heard the saying, “Turn that frown, upside down.” So I hope today’s message encourages you to try and remember that, next time you feel like a failure. FAILURES “I have not failed. I’ve [...]

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Q-Tip 8/20/18

Happy Monday my friends, This week I want to focus on something that seems a small gesture on our part, but could make a large impact in someone else's day. It could be a thank you, a smile, an atta boy, a kind or positive word is all might take to show how much that other person is appreciated. We all need that once in a while. Just think, if each of us do that for each other what [...]

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Q-Tip 8/13/17

Happy Monday my friends,Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. How often have you listened to someone speak about their ideas or plans for something and yet you are not really listening? How badly we would feel if we knew the same was being done to us when we feel we have something we want to discuss or share that is important to us. We have all heard the saying, “treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.” Maybe this [...]

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Q-Tip 8/7/18

Happy Tuesday my dear friends, TAKING RESPONSIBILITY “God gives the nuts, but He does not crack them.” (German proverb) If only the right opportunity were to come along, we think to ourselves, we could make a real success of things. We look with envy at others we see as being more successful. They must have gotten a big break somewhere along the way. Chances are that we already have more opportunities than we realize. It’s up to us to [...]

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Q-Tip 7/31/18

Happy Tuesday my friends, As we close July our message today,  I found to be very enlightening and hope you do too. KNOWLEDGE: (NOUN) facts, information and skills acquired by a person through experimental or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. WISDOM: the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the soundness of an action or decision with regard to the application of experience, knowledge and good judgment. KNOWLEDGE VS. WISDOM “Knowledge can be communicated [...]

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Q-Tip 7/24/18

Happy Tuesday my friends, I know you have all heard the saying “Live your life like it might be your last.” Truer words were never spoken. Life is gift that each of us should hold dear. Who cares, what you wear or how you talk or what you look like. Why worry about such petty things. We are each given a life of choices ,it’s how we use them that should count. If we treat each other with caring, [...]

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Q-Tip 7/16/18

Happy Monday my friends,   We all think we know best in many situations that arise in our daily lives. Although others may disagree we are certainly entitled to our own personal feelings and opinions. Advice and criticism can be given in ways that we may take offense to and possibly could be doing the same when we offer it to others. We must keep in mind, there is always a proper, positive and constructive way to offer advice, [...]

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Q-Tip 6/25/18

Happy Monday everyone, How many of us feel we need to do everything ourselves for ourselves? We all have friends, whether they are just acquaintances or true long time relationships. When they were in need how great did that make you feel to be able to help them out, could have been a small favor or possibly something big. Knowing this we need to be gracious and humble enough to accept that in return from them so they are [...]

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Q-Tip 6/18/18

Happy Monday my friends, We often want things that may be out of our reach. And maybe even feel sad or down because we can’t have them. But if you would turn that negativity into one of positivity you may realize it’s not about what you have materialistically , it’s what you possess inside you that really matters after all. DESIRE “If men could regard the events of their own lives with more open minds, they would frequently discover [...]

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Q-Tip 6/11/18

Happy Monday my friends, Now that summer is approaching, there is always so much to do on the weekends, whether gardening, going to the beach or pool, or just enjoying the outdoors with family or friends. I am sure many of us found it hard to get up today and get our head back in the work mode. Although, you may not have felt it this morning, each and everyone of us should be thankful we have a job [...]

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Q-Tip 6/4/18

Happy Monday my friends,At times, we all will encounter some difficulties in our lives and think, how will I ever get through it. Sometimes we may even feel that we are not a deserving person to have a stress free life. Or look at others and perceive them to seem to get everything they want just as easy as can be. Not everything in life will always be happy and carefree.  It is through our trials, stress and difficulties we [...]

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Q-Tip 5/29/18

Happy Tuesday My Friends, Due to holiday yesterday I am posting our letter today. How many times have you be confronted with making decisions you regretted , whether it was done in haste without thinking it through or due to the fact that you were not in the proper frame of mind to think clearly and thoughtfully. Our message today will I hope help us all think first before acting. MAKING DECISIONS “Never cut a tree down in the [...]

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Q-Tip 5/21/18

Happy Monday my friends, It has been a while so I thought we might focus on happiness today as our inspiration for this week. We all have much we should be happy for. We were able to get up and out of bed this morning and come to work, when others may not have the health to do it or even a job to go to. We have our friends and family. We have each other. Life will throw [...]

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Q-Tip 4/9/18

Happy Monday my friends, Today’s message is about having confidence in ourselves even when the task at hand seems difficult.We have all encountered or will, a job or chore that seems totally out of our realm to accomplish. The key is to change our mindset and instead of saying “I don’t know how I will get it done” start saying to yourself “Let me see how I CAN get this done.” PERSEVERANCE AND CONFIDENCE “Life is not easy for [...]

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Q-Tip 4/2/18

Happy Monday my friends Have you ever saw something you wanted and just had to get it at any cost? Ever wonder what it is that makes us always wanting more? Today let’s take a moment to be grateful and thankful for what we do have and not what we don’t.   WANTING MORE “It is not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more, that is poor.” (Seneca) How many things do we need [...]

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Q-Tip 3/26/18

Happy Monday my friends, As we jump into spring and prepare to celebrate the Easter holiday this weekend,  which in many cultures and religions,  is considered a resurrection or rebirth, our message today will focus a new outlook or growth in our own lives. A FULL LIFE “One ought, every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture and, if possible, speak a few reasonable words.” (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe) There [...]

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Q-Tip 3/19/18

Good Morning My Dear Friends, One of the hardest things in life is being kind to others that just don’t seem to fit in to our way of thinking.Or possibly their mannerism feels abrasive or condescending. Our focus this week, as we continue our growth toward positivity, is to reach out and be the bigger person and accept these people for who they are and not what we may want them to be. One small act of kindness could [...]

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Q-Tip 3/12/18

Good Morning my friends, This week’s focus is confidence in ourselves. No matter what happens in our lives, the important thing to remember is to tell yourself daily,  “I MATTER” and truly believe in yourself. SELF-CONFIDENCE “Did you ever see an unhappy horse? Did you ever see a bird that had the blues? One reason why birds and horses are not unhappy is because they are not trying to impress other birds and horses.” (Dale Carnegie) Our gut is [...]

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Q-Tip 3/5/18

Happy Monday my friends, There are many forms of love. There is the love for family and their is love for friends. Love is a very powerful emotion. Let’s direct our love, as an extended family, toward each other. If someone has hurt or offended you in the past, I say, “Let it go and leave it in the past.” If we can start right here amongst ourselves, think how much better we will be able to continue toward [...]

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