• This product is great for extra holding power. Not only does it have a thicker film for more rigidity but more adhesive as well. Health & Beauty industry favorite. Ideal for clear-on-clear applications. An added benefit is that it can be used for Thermal Transfer Printing (if tested and approved by end-user).
  • Budget friendly option. Economical protection from moisture and abrasion. Ideal for dairy, juice and beverage labels. Provides superior protection to varnish and doesn’t require an ink station.
  • Low cost option for economical label applications and flexible packaging depending upon type of web used and temperature required for sealing. Great for protecting graphics, enhancing gloss and increasing label strength.   Can also be used for Liner Reinforcement when dies are too sharp.
  • A great product to use for all applications that require a luxurious, “high end” finish at a budget friendly price. Since the film is thinner it can be a great cost reduction lamination. Product used in various industry applications and whenever a non-reflective surface is required.
  • This can be used for general purpose, booklets and various applications. Great label protection for Health & Beauty and Food & Beverage applications when consistent results are required.
  • Need a clear film with extra holding power? Due to a higher coat weight of adhesive, this product is the one to choose. Can be used also for flexible packaging applications, when no metalized cosmetic web is required.
  • This film is used by Digital Printers using HP, Jetrion and others. The adhesive holds up well to the various types of digital inks and recommended by the industry. Also great for laminating snack bags and other flexible packaging applications when no metalized cosmetic web is required.
  • Ideal for those applications requiring a smooth and easy unwind. Great for desktop label printers or anytime noise reduction is a priority. Application use is for base layer multi-layered labels, such as   Instant Rebate coupons, Expanded Coupon labels, Point of Purchase and extended content labels. Can also be used for flexible packaging application depending upon barrier film and temperature requirements.
  • Provides your label a softer, frosted aesthetically pleasing look. A favorite for cosmetic and beauty labels as well as other point of purchase products. The non-reflective film is also ideal for bar code scanning and can be used for flexible packaging depending on the film and temperature needed for sealing.
  • This product consists of a 1.0 mils film with 0.5 mils of adhesive. Excellent for multi-page booklets or other thicker label applications. Adds durability and dispensability.
  • Excellent for reinforcing substrates, hole reinforcement and various other applications requiring a thicker overlaminate to meet a total construction specification.
  • Great for desktop label printers or whenever noise reduction is required. Smooth, consistent   and easy unwind. Application use is for base layer multi-layered labels and overlays, such as Instant Rebate coupons, Extended Content labels and Point of Purchase offers.
  • Provides high tack and extra adhesion for rough surfaces and difficult, non-porous substrates. This is the overlaminate of choice for many automotive and industrial label applications or whenever exposure to high humidity is a requirement.
  • This material is used for reinforcement, multi-page booklets that require more holding power and other such applications.
  • Need to support and strengthen your header bag applications? This is the product for you. The film and adhesive provide strength and durability for tough application that require consistent results.